About Us

MGC was founded in 2009 in Naples, FL, and is a woman-owned and operated business with core competencies in In Vitro Diagnostics products, medical supply, cough drops, vitamins and supplements, pregnancy tests, ovulation tests, and private labeling experts. The core competencies of the MGC team are an in-house logistic team, sourcing and procurement team, sales team, quality control, and customer service team.

MGC serves a wide array of customers such as US States, CLIA Laboratories, Airlines, Urgent Care facilities, and multiple retail and pharmacy chains. 


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Anita Lovse,

General Manager

At MGC, our mission is to deliver high-quality medical products at the best prices in the industry. Customer satisfaction is so important to us which is why we always strive to be a reliable and trusted medical supply partner.

We work with our factories directly in order to provide affordable prices, fast delivery, and counterfeit-free products to every laboratory, pharmacy, state agency and healthcare facility we serve. 

We successfully provide medical lab supplies and equipment to pharmacies, laboratories and health care facilities across the nation.

Partnering with factories and medical lab supply manufacturers across the world is what allows us to provide our customers with the best prices in the medical equipment industry.

We also provide private labeling services to several different medical supply brands.

Our medical products distribution network is vast and reputable, sourcing the highest quality supplies directly from manufacturers. You can trust us to get you the products your pharmacy, laboratory or health care facility needs without any problems.